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"I am a student from UC Berkeley.
Severe myopia along with fast paced academic life caused ocular hypertension in my eyes.  I tried eye drops to alleviate the symptoms but the application made me nauseated and dizzy.  I heard about the Oculax patch through my mother, and after 2 weeks of use, my ocular pressure went back to normal and my myopia decreased.  My sleep quality also improved, so I continued to use Oculax patch without any side effects." 
- Ms. Pan. / Age 22 / Berkeley, CA


"My severe myopia was very inconvenient so I went to corrective laser surgery to improve my vision.  However, my prolonged use of computers continued to worsen my dry eye condition and frequent use of eye drops and supplement intake proved to be ineffective. I began using the Oculax in October, 2006 and my dry eyes condition vastly improved after one month with remarkable improvements on my vision."
- Ms. Chen. / Age 32 / Los Angeles, CA


"For years I have been using medication to alleviate my excessive eye watering caused by dry eyes. At times it required the use of tissues to stem the flow of tears running down my face.

A friend recently gave me "Ocualx Acupoint Patch" to see if it could help with this problem. After using the patches for one night, I experienced a significant improvement. My eyes felt less irritated and the water conditions were significantly reduced.

I have used Oculax for serveral weeks and, to date, I have not had the return of excessive eye watering nor dry eye irritation."

- William R. / Age 79 / Fullerton, CA


"In 1998, I was diagnosed with a broken blood vessel in my left eye due to high blood pressure caused by stress in my life at that time. It gradually healed itself without an operation... but sometimes it flare up when under stress from my job, to cause tightness around the eye.

When I heard about Oculax in a patch form, I decided to try it. I am very sensitive to medication but Oculax relieved the tension and relaxed me on the very first night of the treatment... I have had no side ffects and have recommended it to friends, relatives and co-workers when they become "stressed out" because it works."

- Frank B. / Age 56 / Santa Clarita, CA


"Because of me use of extensive computers at work, I had been using artificial tears to alleviate my dry eye symptoms for years.  Neither the tears nor various drugs and supplements helped my situation. 

I first met Oculax at an expo in San Mateo. After one month of applications, my eye conditions improved greatly and I feel that I would have been forced to give up my scientific research job if I had not discovered Oculax.  I then introduced Oculax to many of my co-workers and it became a popular eye care product within my company." 

- Prof. Song. / Age 55 / San Francisco, CA


"Back in November of 2005, I had a sudden loss of vision in my right eye, and it was later diagnosed as an eye stroke (a rupture in blood vessels to the retina) that impaired my vision. I have consulted various doctors without any results and surgery, lasik treatment, or drug was not an option. My eye condition led to mental stress, anxiety, temper problems, and the inability to concentrate.

Without any other options, I began to try out Oculax Acupoint Patch in April of 2007. After 2 months of use, my right eye began to have blurred vision. One month later, my right eye had distorted vision. Another month later, the distortion went away and my doctor concluded my vision has recovered at least 75%."

- Henry C. / Age 52 / Los Angeles, CA


* The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
* Do Not Use if you have hypersensitive skin or other skin conditions. If you have serious eye disorder, please consult a professional healthcare provider before use.
* Keep out of reach of children.

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  ===Products<===Oculax<===>One Series===>Dermaho

"Statements not evaluated by the FDA. Products not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases."

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